Gluten Free Sauces

We know about celiac disease and gluten intolerance, and we know what it means for sufferers if food unexpectedly contains gluten. What we mean by "gluten free" is that our entire facility is gluten-free. We don't buy or use any ingredients containing gluten, and are able to introduce a array of products that simply taste just great.

Preservative Free

As a matter of principle, we don't use any of those additives. Our products have the flavours and colours and preserving of old fashion cookery, that comes from natural ingredients, these are the differences that make Emelias unique. Our entire range of 48 products is just that totally natural, and with a range like that there is something there for everybody. So enjoy Emelias with the knowledge that we are Australias leading condiment makersŘ and of course Australia's leading pickled onion producers.

GM Free

We know how concerned many people are about genetically modified (GM) crops and the food made from them, and we know there are some strange details in the regulations about what does and doesn't have to be labeled as "GM". What we mean by "GM free" is that none of our ingredients have ever been derived from genetically'modified crops, and that we'll keep it that way.


Recipe Of The Month
Apricot Passion Chicken. A great meal for any night of the week.

Our Awards
Emelias has won serval gold medals over the years for products and recipes.


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